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October newsletter 2017

October 7th 2017 So after the success of the Pop-up shop in Rowley's house, I decided to try another selling day, this time in St Mary's church in Shrewsbury. This is organised by Chantilly Grey and although it didn't have as many visitors as the weekend before, it was fun to meet new people and get an opportunity for people to feel the products and see their quality.     At the event I spoke to other stall holders and one lady gave me an idea! I was talking about Facebook with her and how I felt that my posts weren't reaching people. She said that unless you pay Facebook, only 1% of your post on your business page will...

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September new letter 2017

  September 12th 2017 Well this month has seen Decor etc branch out from interior design service, into starting an e-commerce Web shop, very exciting for me as it has been a real journey of discovery! As i'm more of a creative type than a techie type, its been a steep learning curve on the whole making a website thing!! After some initial help from a recommended web designer, Rob Dunsford, and being pointed in the direction of Shopify, we set about looking at the products, but it became clear to me after a couple of meetings that I had to go at my own pace and teach myself a thing a too about doing my own website if I was to continue with...

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