September new letter 2017


September 12th 2017

Well this month has seen Decor etc branch out from interior design service, into starting an e-commerce Web shop, very exciting for me as it has been a real journey of discovery! As i'm more of a creative type than a techie type, its been a steep learning curve on the whole making a website thing!!

After some initial help from a recommended web designer, Rob Dunsford, and being pointed in the direction of Shopify, we set about looking at the products, but it became clear to me after a couple of meetings that I had to go at my own pace and teach myself a thing a too about doing my own website if I was to continue with it in the future and know how to alter things and add products.

Firstly I bought myself a new camera, a Nixon D3300. This was in memory of my late father who had left me his, but it no longer worked. I had the lenses, a tripod and all the kit and it turned out I wasn't bad at the photography lark!

I also had a quietly clear image in my mind that I wanted the site to have a brand presence, I said to myself that I won't put anything on the site that I wouldn't have in my own home, and as I was using my home as the backdrop for all of the photography it soon began to lead me into ideas about the products that I wanted to use.



Working with local people was high up on my list of important factors, the first talented duo that I approached was Parker and Arrol (https://parkerandarrol) a textile design company in Shrewsbury that have been making hand painted cushions and scarves for a long time and know all there is to know about making luxury velvet fabrics. I have been friends with one of the duo for many years and I wanted to collaborate with them.

It started off with me drawing inspiration from trends that I was seeing all around me on social media, magazines and things that I would love to own myself. 



Monstera leaves, stars and bamboo, to name some of the ideas. Parker and Arrol had only made fabric for cushions, scarves and coffin covers and I had it in my mind that I would love to make lampshades.  Another learning curve, as this is a newly acquired skill and one which I am really enjoying.

So products made, photographs taken, mind blowing YouTube videos watched about every aspects Shopify and techie stuff,and Decor etc Homeware was born and opened for business the day before the kids started back to school. 

So far so good! 

September 20th 2017

Introducing creative collaboration number 2, Pippa of Toodle and Pip Designs

Pippa hand foils typography prints and we discovered each other via Instragram but then soon realised that we lived in the same town (well actually it turns out on the next street from me). And after meeting, we decided that Pippa would design some foil prints that would be unique for my on-line store.

Initially I just supplied what I wanted the prints to say and then Pippa came up with the layout and font, but I have been on another learning curve, downloading new fonts and designing the foil prints using Photoshop, having even more control over the design process.


September 31st 2017




Well to end the month off, my first show! it was held on the 30th of September at Rowleys House in Shrewsbury. This used to be the home of our Tourist Information and Museum but is now empty, so it was nice to see it being used.

There were lots of local trades people as well as some from further afield and it was nice to meet such a bunch of creative and ambitious people.  

My spot, as you can see from the photo, wasn't the largest, but I think I did well to squeeze in as many products as I could.




Next month is all about christmas and I will have a few new products that will be coming onto the Webshop and will fill you in on October's news letter.

Bye x

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